Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Vet = New Howl-i-day Sweater

I had to go to the vet this week. It's always exciting to go for a ride in the car and I have lots of friends at the vet's office who love to see me and play with me. When we got into the little room, I was a little excited and paced around.

Mom told me if I was a good boy, I could go to the pet store with her to try on new Howl-i-day sweaters. I've been lots of places, but never to a place called the pet store. I have never tried on clothes either. I didn't know what it all meant, but I knew I needed to be a good boy to get to go, so I calmed down and waited on the vet.
When we got to the pet store, I was so excited. All of the new smells, I had to go completely underneath the clothes to check out all of the scents other dogs had left. A nice lady at the pet store helped me try on sweaters until I found the pawfect one. I LOVE IT! I pranced and danced around the pet store, and when we got home I played in my Howl-i-day sweater.

And don't worry, my BFF Mollie, she got a new sweater too, but she don't like hers too much. When she has her sweater on, she won't move or play. She won't do nothing! She just sits there and looks like a rock. A pretty rock, but what good is a dog who acts like a rock?

I LOVE my new Howl-i-day sweater. It's beautiful and it keeps me really, really warm. One of my nicknames is "Bubby Fancy Pants." This sweater makes me want to dance and wiggle and live up to that nickname, that's for sure!

Mom says next, me & Mollie are going to take Howl-i-day Christmas pictures in front of that tree INSIDE my house.

I get to do all kinds of new things in my new life! I don't understand all of this new stuff but I'm having lots of fun and I'm Lovin' Life!

**WOOF** **WOOF**


  1. You're the most special boy, ever. You have more loving power than you could possibly understand. Case in point. I hate dog clothes...but you...with your handsome red sweater and your loving eyes...well we all know the ending of that story. Aslong as my Bubby <>..I'll love my BubbyRose in anything he might choose to wear. ANYTHING