Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Found A Baseball!

During my daily walks to the park, I find stuff, like balls - lots of balls! Tennis balls, golf balls, plastic balls and lots and lots of baseballs.
Today at my park, lying right there in the grass, waiting for me, was a baseball. I pounced on it!
I had found a real prize. I love baseballs and they are big enough that they don't get taken away from me really fast like those little golf balls do.
Something about choking on those little golf balls....but baseballs are just the perfect playing size for me!

My Mom thought I was being so cute with the baseball, she took out her phone and started taking pictures of me.

She took lots and lots of pictures while I gnawed on the best baseball I had ever found!
And I do mean lots of pictures, like more than 40 of them! Whew! I can't even count that high! She always says she has to take a lot of pictures of me to get enough to use here, on FaceBook and Twitter. So she took pictures while I just kept chewing on that baseball.

After a little while of me chewing and gnawing that baseball, and Mom taking pictures, she told me it was time for me to give her the ball. So I let her have it. But there was this little piece of leather sticking out that I just had to grab with my teeth.
Guess what? The whole cover came off of that baseball and was in my mouth.
I never eat stuff like this. I just chew it a little and spit it out. Not this time.
I went CHOMP, CHOMP, CHOMP and I swallowed. Yep! I swallowed the whole baseball cover in one big gulp! It was pretty tasty I think!
Swallowing the baseball cover apparently did not make my Mom very happy. I know because we didn't get to finish my walk. Instead, we walked straight home.
Then I got to go for a car ride! YAY! I love to ride in the car!
And we went to one of my favorite places, my Vet's office. I LOVE everybody at my vet's office and they love me too. All of the people at my Vet's office were very happy to see me and they were laughing at all of the pictures my Mom had taken of me and my very favorite baseball!
I won't give you all of the rest of the really gory details. I'll just tell you that I yam fine. I yam my regular ole happy, yappy spot-headed boy self! I yam!
Here's what that baseball cover looks like now.

My Mom said two things. First, she's an idiot and has the pictures to prove it. Second, I can't play with baseballs anymore. WHINE!