Friday, April 27, 2012

How To Identify a Pit Bull

There has been much woofing about how to identify a Pit Bull type dog. This week a friend of mine was given a real Pit Bull test. Forget your DNA or your pictures to tell you, we have the sure-fire method.

This is Sully. Sully is a Pit Bull mix, a Certified Therapy Dog, a real AmbassaDog and an all-around good boy!

Sully & his Mom encountered a woman yesterday who knew the sure-fire way to identify a Pit Bull. When she was told Sully is a Pit Bull mix, she said, "I can tell if he has Pit Bull in him." She held up three fingers and placed them across Sully's nose and said, "Yep, he passes the three-fingers test, he has Pit Bull in him."

Sully's Mom showed us how to give the test.

Yep, Sully passed so he's definitely a Pit Bull.

How about me?

I yam a Pit Bull too!

We wanted to test this theory, so here's my friend Ruby Roo.

Yep, Ruby Roo is surely a Pit Bull.

But then something happened. We tested 14 lb. Rascal.

Rut Roh! Rascal's a Pit Bull too!

So, we needed to test this theory further. I know my older sister Mollie is a real Mini-Schnauzer. She is not a Pit Bull! So, we tested her.

Oh no! Mollie's a Pit Bull too. She must be a mix!

So, I guess it is very, very hard to tell just by looking at us if we are Pit Bulls or not. You should never judge a book by its cover. Who knew that Rascal and Mollie were both Pit Bulls!?!?

I guess when Mollie & I are on our walks and people ask what kind of dogs we are, my Mom can just tell them we are both Pit Bulls!