Sunday, January 16, 2011

One Pig - Flat Pig - New Pig

In my old life, I never really knew what toys were. I had sticks and dirt. I chased cats, birds and leaves. But, I never really had any toys. During my first week in my new home, one day when we were out in the yard, my Mom threw a leash in the grass. I got so excited! I crawled over to that leash and grabbed it. I had the best time!

After that day, I always had that leash and a few toys in the yard with me. When I first played with a toy or ball that squeaked, I was a litte scared by the noise. Sometimes I would sneak up on one of those squeaky toys and press it with my nose to see if I could make it squeak. When I wasn't afraid of the noise anymore, I tried really hard to make squeaky toys squeak. It's hard to admit, but I had real trouble making my toys squeak. I learned really quickly though.

Once I got the hang of those squeaky toys, I quickly learned how to make them squeak, squeak, squeak! And, then I learned how to make them not squeak anymore. Oh, and all of that white fluffy stuff inside my toys - that stuff is supposed to come out! Squeakers too! Now all white fluffy stuff and squeakers must come out!

The first dog toys I played with belonged to my BFF Mollie. I killed the squeakers and removed that white fluffy stuff from a lot of Mollie's toys. One of my very own first, brand new toys was this pig. I LOVED my new squeaky pig!

I would prance around the room carrying my pig in my mouth, proudly showing it off to everyone who would watch. My pig was supposed to be tough and a challenge for me to tear up. I started with it's feet. Then I moved on to it's ears. Then some of that white fluffy stuff had to come out so I could get to that squeaker!

Soon, I had a very flat, turned-inside out pig, but I still proudly romp around the room carrying it, offering to play tug-o-pig with anyone in the mood.

For Christmas, Santa Paws brought me this new pig. I LOVE it! It's supposed to be in-de-struct-a-ble!
We'll see about that . . . I'm starting with the ears! **WOOF** **WOOF**

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Believe I Can Fly

If you read my last post, you know there was a time when I couldn't walk and only crawled.
Guess what? Now, I believe I can fly!

I start out in a "good boy" sitting position.

Then I just start walking.

Then I start to run.

While I'm running, I start to hop and jump.

And then next thing you know, I CAN FLY!

**WOOF** **WOOF**