Monday, December 6, 2010

How to Get New Toys from Santa Paws

Want to get a few new toys from Santa Paws for Christmas this year? Here's how!

First, you must be a very good doggie! I got that one covered! I yam a very good boy!

Second, drag out all of your toys to the middle of the floor for everyone to see and trip over.

Third, pick one or two toys you don't play with much, don't like, or those that just don't need that white fluffy stuff inside them anymore.

Then work very hard to get all of that white fluffy stuff out. Completely flat is the best!

When you're done, look up with big sad puppy dog eyes.

There you have it! Once you have completely flattened a couple of your toys, you'll get new ones from Santa Paws.

WHAT!?! Tearing up my toys is NOT being a good boy? Huh? Oh no! Oh no!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Bubby -- you are a GENIUS!
    I am going to try this too.

    Winkin' at ya,