Monday, September 17, 2012

My Confession

I yam Mr. Buddy Rose and I yam a very good boy! I yam! I LOVE every single person I meet and am very gentle with small children. I even love little Ms. Bossy Pants. But...

Over the past several months a problem has come up and I had to go to school so me and my Mom could get some new tools to help me. My problem - I don't like all dogs and have had some bad reactions to some doggies just walking by me at my park. I think I get along very well with all small dogs and puppies. I get along well with most female doggies. It looks like I might have a problem with male dogs my size or bigger.

My Mom has been really worried about me. She really wants me to continue my training and be one of those Canine Good Citizens but this has kinda put a change in the course of my training. This past Sunday I got to go to a Dog Reactivity Workshop offered by Chako Pit Bull Rescue.

The drive to get there took almost 2 hours. We got there early so I could walk around a little bit, sniff out the new place and leave a little news on the trees for all the other dogs to find. Then it was time for class.

I tried not be nervous in this new place.

But then the other doggies came in and they looked at me and I looked at them. I have to be honest, I had to give them a few big Bubby barks too.

Guess what? My Mom had brought steak for me as treats! STEAK!! A whole bagful. This helped me keep my attention on my Mom and not on those other doggies. My Mom might have needed treats for herself after she was told she needed to be stronger with me...firmer. She was told I was learning to take advantage of her. HUH? Me? Who knew I was spoiled???

Back to my workshop, my trainer was Dawn Capp. She was a great trainer and knew lots of stuff about doggies like me. She had lots of really good advice, tools, exercises & experience to share. I think she helped me a lot!

Sometimes during training, I was not a very good boy.

After an hour and a half of serious stuff. I was very tired.

For the last exercise, I didn't even want to get up. I didn't!

When the workshop was over, I was so tired. I just wanted to crawl into my Mom's lap and fall asleep, but she still had to drive us home.

I want to be the best doggie I can be. Please don't think bad of me. There are lots of other doggies like me with reactive problems. My Mom is trying to do the best thing she can for me to learn how to work through my issues. We have homework which I think means I will get some really, really yummy treats for awhile, but after that the homework continues forever and I won't get any more steak! This part is sad, but do you know what is even sadder, seeing a pit bull doggie in public who cannot control himself. Sometimes that is me. With some work, training and time I yam gonna get through this to move on to my next training course.

I yam Mr. Buddy Rose and I yam a very good boy, but I yam gonna be a better boy soon!


  1. Buddy Rose,
    I am so proud of you and your mom.
    You two are going on the offense to fix this imbalance in your lives.
    With your mom's help - you will be tolerating those pesky dogs you don't like. And don't feel badly, there are some people I don't like and had to learn to ignore them. You will be doing the same too.
    So, So, proud of you and mom.
    You two are heroes to this DogMa!

  2. Good for you buddy! I think I need to get some info from your mom because my stitchy is like that with other dogs and it makes me sad because she is such a great dog except for that. I hope you get lots IOC steak and I'm proud of your mom for taking you to school! Jan

  3. Awww. Great photos, and I think you and your mom made GREAT progress in class. I know you two can accomplish your goals!

  4. Crystal stallings jumpSeptember 20, 2012 at 8:34 PM

    Ah Bubs! Bless your moms heart, she is a wonderful mom! God put you right in her path for a reason. And you are a very very good boy! You work hard on your lessons and all will be fine! Love you sweet boy, you have touched my heart!

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  6. Hey, I can’t find an email address. Can you email me so I can ask a question?